5 Features To Look For When Researching Residential Drug Treatment Centers

If you or a loved one need drug rehab, finding the right treatment center requires research. Options must be explored fully, with particular features proving among the most important. Look for the following five features in residential drug treatment centers when a loved one needs help getting sober and staying that way.

1. Multiple Modalities — No one type of treatment works for all. Each addict has his or her own unique situation, and the most well-respected residential drug treatment centers offer multiple modalities to ensure each patient can find one that will work. For example, an addict with a strong religious upbringing may want to incorporate faith into the recovery process. Or someone of American Indian heritage may wish to use a program that pulls from his or her culture and beliefs. Nonreligious options, of course, also are available for those who wish a more secular approach. In addition to offering multiple modalities, the staff of a successful residential drug treatment center will employ experts in each, so that someone on staff can guide clients within the program with knowledge and, often, personal experience.

2. Relaxing Environment — The residential drug rehab treatment center must be an environment in which recovery can happen. Many programs choose secluded locations within mountainous regions or by the sea to create a quiet and serene setting. They have multiple recreational areas on site, including sports fields and meditation areas. Proximity to shopping and other recreational activities also proves beneficial, as trips off campus allow clients to shake the feeling of confinement that often accompanies treatment. Many centers offer both private and semi-private (two clients) rooms, and they also offer hotel-like accommodations to further cater to the comfort of clients. It’s not unusual to see highly trained chefs employed at residential drug treatment centers, as part of recovery involves healing the body, and what better way to do so than through nutritional meals that also taste like they came from a five-star restaurant.

3. High Staff to Client Ratio — When researching residential drug treatment centers, inquire as to what the staff to client ratio is. Look for centers with a high staff to client ratio to ensure that you or your loved one will get the individual attention needed to get sober and the tools to remain so. Many centers list this information on their websites, but do not hesitate to ask if it is not; this factor proves vital for a successful recovery.

4. After-Care Planning — When clients rejoin the real world, the danger of relapse joins them. A well-respected drug rehab treatment center will provide after-care planning from the modality successfully used during treatment. For example, a client may be asked to attend support group meetings or to meet other criteria as part of an after-care program. Many centers even offer placement into after-care facilities, halfway houses of a sort that allow clients to ease back into the real world in a structured environment with rules to follow. No matter the plan, having one after rehab treatment results in a better chance for success when it comes to staying sober. Those that offer after-care planning usually have high success rates and point out the correlation between after care and sustained sobriety.

5. Financial Aid — Many addicts do not have the means to pay for treatment, and family members often do not either. If this is the case with your or your loved one, research what financial assistance a residential drug treatment center offers. Many partner with financial aid institutions that specialize in this type of financing.

Finding out whether or not residential drug treatment centers have these five features can take significant time. One way to speed up the search is to use a rehab referral service. These services maintain a database of rehab centers and can quickly find one that meets you or your loved one’s needs. They cost nothing to use and have matched thousands of clients with the appropriate center.

Best of luck to you and your search for sobriety, whether for yourself or a loved one.